emerged out of a genuine love of architecture and design, and the desire to celebrate milestones in architectural and engineering innovation in a form that everyone can enjoy. The idea grows out of a t-shirt that I had when I was in college. The shirt, which was one of my favorites, was screen printed with a line drawing of the façade of Milan Cathedral. The idea for this business didn’t come to me at that time, but many years later, after looking at a picture of myself wearing that shirt.

Nothing illustrates the evolution and birth of a piece of architecture like the original sketches and blueprints created by its architects, engineers and designers. These are historical documents that convey both beauty and technical expertise that can be appreciated by all. We seek to make these accessible to all by printing them on quality t-shirts and, eventually, other reasonably priced everyday items.

We have created a unique collection of t-shirts featuring the most recognizable architectural achievements and styles throughout history. These buildings are milestones in architecture and engineering, many by pritzker prize winning architects, many by history’s best known architects. They are the structures that tourists travel to visit. They are the buildings you want to see before you die. Our designs are landmarks. Some are national monuments. All are monuments to human creativity. We also offer designs based on schematics for iconic inventions and products that defined their era.
We hope you enjoy our collection and hope that you think of us when you are looking for the perfect gift for a hipster, architect, designer, design enthusiast or history buff.